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Marketing Is About Selling, And To Do It Seamlessly By Using A SALES FUNNEL!  Start By Taking The Challenge ... 
Living My Best Life, Not Letting Others Tell Me What To Do, Enjoy Being At Home For My Kids Every Day and Be Laptop CEO.  
You can have flexibility and income by using online marketing systems.

Hi there, I'm Linda
So, I have lots of ideas and experimented with several online businesses in the past three years 

- many 'failed' attempts at making any ROI and too many that even my friends started rolling their eyes ...

And people kept telling me that I was an Idealist or a DREAMER, best to stick to a conventional job because I'm supposed to like a traditional mam and with bills to pay by myself.

However, I was making myself sick, mentally and emotionally having to hold down a job when I had no passion in it, and where I felt like my time was being wasted.

Something in my gut said to take another chance (and not care what others think!!) ...

So I made a little investment but this mainly cost me time, energy and hard-work (late into the evenings).

I wanted to build a secure financial future for my kids, so I  jumped into learning all about online relations, marketing, communication styles and most importantly 

- How To Make Sales To A Target Audience? 

Without a product to sell, affiliate marketing was the best route to start with and it's also the easiest way to begin as an online marketer.   

Unexpectedly, a few months down the line I had personal health issues, which led me to finding a new opportunity.  I decided to promote the software and online tools I was using to network (or what's also known as 'influencers') marketing, which has had amazing results!

I'm so glad I done this to help other people be successful in their business, and having the belief in my own ability to create a business I love to work in every day (for a few hours), and ...

because most importantly this is building a legacy for my kids. 

Thank you for reading my story and if you resonate, maybe you want to get started too? 

If you're ready (and do it today if so)I invite you to a real 1:1 call; just let me know what you are looking to achieve and I'll give you some honest advice with online business ideas.  How does that sound? 

If You Would Like My Help With Your Business Idea, Get In Touch Here >Ask me anything 1:1

How Can This Take You From A Traditional 9-5 Job To Freedom?
Work Your Own Hours
Create the business you want, whether you are an early-riser or a night-owl, you can work what's best for you with affiliate marketing and choose your peak hours.
Create Your Own Goals
With online marketing, there really is no limit to financial goals. You are the boss with your own personal goals to live the lifestyle you want. 
Always Being Yourself
Having your own business at home means setting it up the way you like it, having your own standards and business values, so that you can be authentic all the time.
What Are You Waiting For?
This is your chance to get what you want and turn your dreams into a reality. Taking the first step is always the hardest, but I can help you with this system and having the confidence to make this work for yourself.  This business model and software works, however the question is always going to be - Are YOU ready?  
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Are YOU Passionate About Personal Development? 
 Do YOU Dream Of Having A Sustainable Online Consulting Business?

Outside of building funnels I am a passionate about living a healthy lifestyle.  There are opportunities to join my team and be a Business Partner in my Mind, Body and Wellness business (100% online OF COURSE).
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